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Some of you might have already discovered this new feature in the WordPress Customizer, so lets take a look what is this feature is for.

As you can see under Typography there are menu option: Default, Paragraph, H1, H2,H3,H4,H5,H6 and settings.

  • Default – Once you select a font here will makes change to your Menu bar, Paginations and all those places where the site doesn’t know what else to use.
  • Paragraph – This is to change the main paragraph font of your content and the date/Author/Category underneath your articles.
  • H1, H2, H3, H4, H4, H6 – This will make the change to all your Headings and title of your articles.
  • Settings – This is because in most cases the font will be loaded from Google, but the Google’s API is blocked in China so Useso option is for the users and audiences in China.

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 12.24.46 PM

Once you enter to Default option, you will see Font Family, Font Size, Weight, Font Color, Line Height and Character.

  • Font Family – This is the option to select the font you like. The first several options are standard web-safe fonts, the following fonts are Google Fonts, giving a wide range of choices!
  • Font Size – You can choose the size of your text here.
  • Weight – 400 is “normal”, 400 italic will be “normal“. 700 is bold such as “normal“, 700 italic will be “normal“, there are many different choices here depending on each fontset.
Circular Color Selector
Circular Color Selector
  • Font Color – You are now able to change the color of your fonts. Once you hit “Select color” a popup a circular color selector so you can choose a color here, or if you already know the color code, you can just fill in the hexcode in the box. Find out your color code here.
  • Line Height – This will be the gap between the lines of your text.
  • Character – “UPPERCASE”, “lowercase” and Capitalize “Will Make Your Sentence Looks Like This”.

So once you make any changes to the settings, the awesome WordPress Customizer gives a instant preview, so what’s the point of me making this tutorial? I believe those people who has chosen Salt theme is clever enough to figure out the feature themselves, but at least now you know its there! 😉

Please share your thoughts and feedback with us, also if there’s any problem please don’t hesitate to write to us. You can also find us on Facebook.

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