How to increase online donations to your nonprofit

Online donations continue to grow every year faster than overall donation growth, so it is more important than ever to get the basics right when setting up your websites donation page. Let’s look at a few of things you can do to increase online donations to your Nonprofit.

Make sure your donate button clearly stands out

If you are attracting visitors to your website, make sure your donate button stands out and that it appears on every page. It is probably your main “call to action”, so give it a prominent place in your header, and highlight it with a contrasting colour.

Mobile friendly

Once visitors reach your donation page, make sure it is mobile friendly and your visitors can easily complete the donation process from their mobile device. This is a surefire way to increase online donations as more mobile usage takes over desktop usage.

Prove your credibility

There are a number of ways to increase the credibility of your donations page. The first thing is to make sure your visitors feel secure enough to give a donation, especially as this will involve an online transaction, so it’s important to have an SSL certificate.

As a registered nonprofit you should show your registration number in the footer of your site or on your about page, if possible provide a download link to your registration certificate make sure it is clear visitors are donating to a legitimate nonprofit.

Include a section on your site to show where the donations go. Provide end of year reports or monthly reviews to give the donator a clear idea of where their money goes. This is also a good way to keep them coming back to check progress.

Emotional connections can increase online donations 1000%

Once someone has donated money to you they have made a connection to your brand or cause. So try to encourage that on your donation page, using an impactful image to show the difference their money will make. Let the contributor realize they are not just a donation, but they are an important part of your story or cause.

Let the donator know without their help your work would not be possible, this will make them feel a deeper connection and that their contribution is important. Rather than saying “Thank you, look at all the great work we’ve done”, try “Thank you for your donation, it has made all this possible”.

This concept was clearly articulated by Tom Ahern in an interview by Nonprofit Hub.

Supporting testimonials

Collect testimonials from your regular contributors, ask them to explain why they chose to support your cause, how it makes them feel and what are the changes they have seen due to their contributions. Use their real photos and names if possible to make it real.

Keep the donations page simple

You don’t need to make the donations page overly complicated, it should be the final stop on a journey to understanding your cause. The other pages on your website can go deeper into the work you do, your causes and projects. The donation page is where you convert the visitor into a donator, so keep it as simple and sharp as possible.

What happens now the donation has been made?

Keep your contributors updated, progress reports on donation usage, personal thank you emails, impactful stories about your successes and celebrate every contribution. Make sure the donation is the beginning not the end of your interaction with your contributor.

Provide different donation options

Another good way to increase online donations is to offer a monthly subscription. That means donators pay a small amount every month, rather than a big amount in one go. This can make it a bit easier on the bank balance, but also make the contributions last longer, giving a more stable income to your nonprofit.

These handful of ideas are probably only the tip of the iceberg, I’m sure you have your own suggestions on how to increase online donations? If so, please share your experience with other nonprofits and write them in the comments below, we really appreciate your ideas!

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