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5 Top Google Fonts for Nonprofits

One of the great features of our WordPress Themes, is the option to customize the typography on your blog or website. If you’re not sure how to do that, check out our post here. In this article we are going to review 5 top Nonprofit websites and the Google Fonts they use. We include 14 web […]

Typography: How to change your fonts on Salt theme

Some of you might have already discovered this new feature in the WordPress Customizer, so lets take a look what is this feature is for. As you can see under Typography there are menu option: Default, Paragraph, H1, H2,H3,H4,H5,H6 and settings. Default – Once you select a font here will makes change to your Menu bar, Paginations and […]

Salt Theme Version 1.1.0

A new version of Salt Theme is out now. There are a few pretty cool features included in this update: Social icons to link to your social pages Use an image in your blog header Change the color of the blog title text All of these updates can be controlled in the WordPress Customizer, so […]

New update to Salt Theme coming soon

There is a small update to “Salt Theme” on its way soon, we are currently waiting for WordPress to approve it. The update includes 4 new page templates to allow you to select different layouts on pages, including: Left sidebar layout Right sidebar layout Sidebars on both sides of the page Full width (no sidebars) These […]

We have to start somewhere

‘Salt’ is a theme that’s been in the works for some time, I originally built it as a framework for creating clients websites. It got kind of bloated, so the last year I’ve been slowly trimming it down, it’s been on quite a diet! I’ve just submitted ‘Salt’ to, to try and get it […]