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Top 5 Green WordPress Hosts for Nonprofits

Hosting is a critical service every website needs, without it your website won’t be going anywhere fast. So you have to include this in your annual budget. A lot of well-known WordPress hosting providers give special discounts to Nonprofits, which is great. But you might also care about other aspects of their service, such as how […]

Goals for 2018

As we begin a new year, I’d like to set out a few goals for Charity Themes to offer more value and support to Non Profits in 2018. Grill Plugin Grill is a plugin we’ve been using for a while and is available when purchasing our Foundation Theme. We plan to release this as a […]

Is Your Nonprofit Website in Good Shape?

Even in this age of social media, people still use the internet as a primary source of information, therefore your nonprofit website needs to be in good shape. This means it’s up-to-date, easy to read and navigate, welcoming, and audience-centered. How does your website fare? Use the checklist below to find out. Home page Your […]