Volunteer Music Teaching with Magic Hospital

Since 2010 we have been fortunate enough to volunteer for a few charity organizations, one of the problems we’ve noticed is that with a limited budget for doing online marketing, most smaller charity organizations aren’t able to get a decent website up and running. This is critical, not only to introduce what they do and who they are, but also collect donations and increase participation.

Charities and non-profits don’t just need funding, they also need skills that they might not be able to otherwise afford; such as graphic design, social media marketing, information technology and coding. These are often expensive skills to hire, so we need creative solutions at a low cost.

Here at charity: themes, we try to use our professional skills to offer low cost solutions to these problems. It all started after being asked by several charities to design and develop websites for them, which we were happy to do and over the years we’ve created websites for WheelsPlusWings, United Foundation and Little Flower Dew Drops.

It’s actually a lot of work, and we soon realized that with a few tweaks to colours, branding and some new content, the same designs could be used for other charities. That’s where the idea came about, and we felt with the a bit more polish those same WordPress themes could be sold for a small fee, and some of the money could be donated back to the charity we originally worked with.

The theme of charity is to give within the means you can, that’s why we do our best to share our professional skills through our blog and give 30% of the sales of our WordPress Themes.